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Shirsh Zallouh, also known as Ferula hermonis, has recently been touted in the media as a natural libido enhancer both for men and women. Shirsh Zallouh is a small shrub, which grows at more than 6000 feet on the high mountain areas of northern Lebanon, and at the joint borders of Syria and Israel. It is believed that the powers of this root were already known at the tome of King Solomon and the Queens of Sheba, who built a still-visited palace on the side of Mount Hermon for their summer. Middle East herbalists have used Shirsh Zallouh for centuries as a folk remedy to enhance sexual function in men by increasing blood flow to sexual organs with dazzling results, and have reported renewed vigor, potency and energy. Doctors at the Lebanese Center for Urology carried out clinical studies on men with sexual dysfunction, and found that those taken Zallouh showed increased sexual desire and increased sexual performance. A positive result was reported in over 85 percent of those people tested. The studies also found that Zallouh may work almost immediately for some, and may take several weeks for others.

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